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Vegetarian Haggis – suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans



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‘Whole’ vegetarian haggis in a skin in a tin.  Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. View the Stahly haggis range.



Vegetarian Haggis (Suitable for Vegans)

Many people ask us how we produce a Vegetarian Haggis.  We’re happy to let them in on a little secret – we only feed them on grass and heather!

For the vegetarians and vegans amongst us who really want to know how their National Dish is adapted, our Vegetarian Haggis is a blend of oatmeal, mixed vegetables and spices.

Our Vegetarian Haggis, in line with the rest of our haggis range, is in a synthetic skin inside the tin.  So you need never feel left out again at a Burns Supper.

It can, of course, also be used as a substitute for traditional haggis in any recipe.

Net Weight 410g

Drained Weight 232g

Serves 2-3

Minimum 2 year shelf life

Does not require refrigeration

Made in Scotland

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