Haggis Orders to the USA and Canada

Stahly Quality Foods regret that orders to the USA and Canada cannot be shipped from Scotland. If you are located in the USA or Canada please order direct from Camwrap.  Camwrap (www.camwrap.net) is the U.S. distributor for Stahly Quality Foods

For details of your nearest USA stockist 

contact Camwrap :
259 Charles Street
Mobile, AL 36604
251-405-0032  office
800-353-9004  toll free (USA)
251-432-0809  fax
251-458-4338  cell
Website: www.camwrap.net

Camwrap is now supplying other American distributors, restaurants and retail stores throughout the United States with Stahly’s Scottish haggis and the very popular Vegetarian haggis.   

Camwrap is a British/American partnership company, specialising since 1972 in the importation and distribution of high quality British goods throughout the USA with offices in Bristol, England and Mobile, Alabama. As spokesman for our company, I am pleased to say how very proud we are to be the US distributor for Stahly Quality Foods, whose haggis products we firmly aver, are the best available anywhere.

Michael Keeble


contact TFB & Associates Ltd. :
102-600 Alden Road
Tel:  (905) 940-0889
Fax:  (905) 940 0913
E-mail: customer.service@tfb.ca

Every year, on January 25th, people around the world raise a glass of Scotch Whisky to the memory of Robert Burns.  The internationally renowned Scottish poet was inspired to pen a dedication to the haggis which is traditionally served at formal dinners to celebrate his birth on this date in 1759.
The Stahly family has been making haggis since 1923 and the award winning secret family recipe has now been recreated allowing Canadians to enjoy what the Scots have been enjoying for centuries.  There is even a Vegetarian variety available.

TFB & Associates Ltd.

Stahly Quality Foods products have been available in the USA and Canada through Camwrap and TFB since around 1998.  However, as importation restrictions by government agencies grew increasingly onerous, it became necessary to look for other means to bring this very popular product to America.

In 2003 Ken Stahly decided to avoid the beaurocratic holdups, and consequent delivery uncertainties, by producing Stahly’s haggis in the USA using the same secret family recipe as in the Scottish version.  Now receiving the full blessings of all the necessary US government agencies, Camwrap, based in America and TFB in Canada were able to resume supplying millions of American and Canadian citizens and residents with the same delicious haggis that Scots have been thriving on for centuries.



* Please note that the US produced haggis is packed directly into the can and is not in a skin. 

Scottish haggis for north america
“I have found that over time, your product has been in greater demand here … So when I order both, I stock up! Both the vegetarian and regular have many uses.”

Ann McMahon

Haggis in a can – canned vegetarian haggis and Scotch haggis in a tin. ‘I want to congratulate your company in producing the finest regular [Scottish] haggis and vegetarian haggis in the USA!  Moist, not overly seasoned, and with the right amount of fat. I have tried many other brands of  “American haggis”, only to find them over seasoned, dry, grainy in texture, etc from producers claiming they make the best there is.

Haggis for Tea??? 

Haggis, as more and more Americans are finding out, is a great and wholesome food. At breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour or dinner, haggis is now a staple and versatile food. 

Stahly’s haggis, made with the finest ingredients and canned for convenience, is a quick and delicious treat. Ideas for more creative meals are limited only by the imagination, but suggestions can be found in the beautifully illustrated Stahly Haggis Recipe Book, showing gourmet creations featuring Stahly’s haggis by some of Scotland’s finest chefs, and even some simple homestyle ideas from Grandma Stahly! At Camwrap we welcome your Haggis comments, suggestions, and enquiries. 

Happy Haggising, 

Michael Keeble(Camwrap)

Camwrap supplies Stahly Quality Foods Scotch Haggis* and Vegetarian Haggis* by mail order throughout North America (USA and Canada).