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Haggis - the Stahly Haggis Range


All of our haggis range is made in Scotland and canned ‘whole’ within a synthetic skin.  The haggis, therefore, presents itself as a traditional product with the convenience of a long shelf life, no need for refrigeration and it is easily transported. 

As our haggis has been consumed in all five continents, this is an important point for many travellers and haggis connoisseurs.  Haggis is no longer a product only to be enjoyed once a year at a Burns Supper but is available all year round in many countries across the globe.

Haggis Recipe Suggestion 

More haggis recipes

Great Taste Award, Gold

Haggis: Scotch Haggis from Stahly Quality Foods, Scotland
Scotch Haggis

The Scotch haggis is the traditional Stahly haggis made from
the original Stahly family recipe.  As with the very origins of the haggis itself, the Stahly haggis has been adapted, improved
and developed over the years while retaining its original charm. 

The Stahly Quality Foods' Haggis has been awarded many accolades over the years, including the Guild of Fine Foods
Great Taste Award* – Gold.

A blend of the finest lamb, oatmeal and spices, Stahly Quality Foods’ Scotch haggis is our most popular choice for a great
tasting, traditional haggis.

Scotch Haggis recipe suggestion
Haggis: Royal Haggis with Venison

Royal Haggis

Stahly Quality Foods' Royal Haggis is a natural progression from the Scotch Haggis.  In this haggis recipe the lamb is replaced with wild Scottish venison.  The result is a distinctive, richly flavoursome haggis. 

The combination of succulent venison, fused with the traditional oatmeal and spices of a traditional haggis bring out the very taste of the Highlands of Scotland.

Royal Haggis recipe suggestion

Haggis: Drambuie Haggis - speciality Scotch Haggis from Stahly Quality Foods, Fife, Scotland

Drambuie® Haggis

Our own Bonnie Prince Charlie’s favourite tipple is added to our traditional Scotch Haggis to produce this very fine haggis with a unique flavour.  

The taste of the haggis is only enhanced by the subtle sweetness
of the Drambuie® whisky liqueur.

Drambuie® Haggis recipe suggestion

Haggis: Scotch Whisky Haggis - a speciality Scottish Haggis from Stahlys

Whisky Haggis

Nothing compliments a great haggis better than a good whisky!

Scotland’s National dish and Scotland’s finest whisky are combined in this haggis to produce Stahly Quality Foods’ Whisky Haggis. 

Made with the same quality ingredients as our traditional Scotch Haggis, the Whisky Haggis is every bit as tasty but with a little added kick!

Whisky Haggis recipe suggestion


Vegetarian Haggis: a meat-free haggis. Stahly's veggie haggis in a skin inside the tin
Vegetarian Haggis

Many people ask us how we produce a Vegetarian Haggis and we’re happy to let them in on a little secret – we only feed them
on grass and heather! 

For the vegetarians amongst us who really want to know how
their National Dish is adapted, our Vegetarian Haggis is a blend
of oatmeal, mixed vegetables and spices. 

You need never feel left out again at a Burns Supper as our Vegetarian Haggis, in line with all of our haggis range, is in a synthetic skin inside the tin. 

It can, of course, also be used as a substitute for traditional
haggis in any recipe. Vegetarian Haggis recipe suggestion

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

The chefs at Stahly Quality Foods have been busy creating a traditional Scottish meal in a skin in a tin. 

This unique concept uses the traditional Stahly haggis mixed with chunks of fresh turnip and potato to produce the perfectly balanced meal which can be prepared with ease. 

All the hard work has been taken out.

Haggis Neeps and Tattie recipe suggestion

* The Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards are the most trusted and recognised food and drink awards. Each food entered receives feedback from a panel of over 300 judges.

Of all the UK’s food award schemes, the GREAT TASTE AWARDS is the most important. Completely independent and uncompromisingly rigorous, it is trusted by retailers, buyers and consumers. GREAT TASTE is to speciality food and drink what MICHELIN is to fine dining.

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